Roofing: The Ultimate Guide To Protecting Your Home’s Crown

Are you renovating your house? Or has the rainy season caused an annoying leak on your roof?

Either way, before installing a new roof, you should know all the facts—type, material, layering, costs, etc. You should be well aware before installing something in your house—especially a roof.

Before looking at which services to opt for, let us understand what to consider before you decide to install a roof.

3 Types Of Roofing For Your House

Here are the three common types of roofing for your reference:

Asphalt: This has been created to imitate the look of wood. This is the most common one you will find nowadays. It provides a strong layer of fibre mat glass embedded in shingles. This also makes it tear-resistant. These are durable, affordable, and easy to install. Most roofers Watford use asphalt.

Wood: Though beautiful, wood shingles require a lot of maintenance. However, the materials used for wood shingles make them resistant to insect attacks. It is more expensive. Only skilled manufacturers can install a wood shingle effectively. That is why this one is mainly found in historical buildings.

Clay And Concrete Tiles: These are effective for all seasons, especially the rainy season. Their heavy materials allow them to avoid damage from the heavy rain. Even though they might require some care, they are incredibly low-maintenance. Ealing roofing uses this type as it works best for all seasons.

5 Important Factors To Consider Before Installing A Roof

Among the various things that you need to know, here are our top tips before considering installing a roof:

  • Do not nail over your old roof. The only correct and safest way to install a roof is by completely tearing off your old one. You can then install a new roof. Even though a failover is cheaper, it is not safe at all.
  • Don’t cheap out when it comes to roofing. It is a crucial investment. If you invest in a good company, it will last you for 20-25 years. So, steer away from companies that agree to cut costs way down. Most likely, they will cheapen out on materials.
  • Contact trusted services only. This is about securing a safe home for yourself. So, it would help to research before choosing a company to build you a roof.
  • Make sure to go local. Local companies don’t necessarily have to be from the local area. But try to stick to the names of the companies in your town or city. For example, Ealing roofing covers all-size projects. The company has various great reviews from its customers in Ealing itself.
  • The company you choose should be trustworthy, provide a warranty, and have 24-hour service. For example, in London, roofers Watford are available 24*7 in case of emergency.


It is better to be safe than sorry. So, choose according to your needs. And also, be wise with which you let handle your roof.

This blog helped you get some perspective before you change the roof over your head. Thanks for reading!

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