How To Keep Your Cookout Bug-Free

The summer is almost here, and Texans are starting to think about one of the most fun activities to do with friends and family: a big cookout. Barbecues and cookouts in the garden or backyard are the perfect way to spend your Sundays. However, pests do not let you have it without being a pain in the neck. 

Texas houses some of the worst pests in America. If you are planning a cookout, you can expect them to smell the delicious food and invite themselves over. This is why you should take a few precautionary steps to protect your food as well as maintain hygiene at the party. Do not forget to pest-proof your house for the long term with Round Rock pest control company.

Tips to keep your cookouts bug-free.

  • Keep your food covered.

Keep the annoying flies and other insects away from all the mouthwatering treats. Food can be covered with aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or the lid of the container. When not in use, utilize a pitcher or drink dispenser that can be closed. To keep pests away, make sure to pick up or clean any spills or crumbs.

  • Use scents that pests hate.

Insects rely largely on their senses. Scents, colors, and other environmental cues like moisture, heat, light, and shade all draw them in. Even though your party has a patriotic theme of red, white, and blue, a pesky bee will notice the hue of your sweet flowers and come in for a closer look. 

Pests are not attracted to the strong scents of lavender, mint, or rosemary. Herbs can be tied in bunches and hung on chairs, or they can be arranged in vases or other containers and placed around the space as centerpieces.

  • Run a fan near your dining area.

The rotating fan will not allow these insects to swarm around your property. This approach can keep insects away and help you and your guests stay cool on a hot day.

  • Keep the trash cans away.

Garbage cans should be kept away from seating areas and areas where food will be served. Food and drink leftovers provide the ideal food for insects that are circling your patio. Make sure that the lids on your trash cans are tight enough and properly sealed.

  • Eliminate standing water.

Sanding water attracts a lot of insects. In as little as half an inch of water, these bugs can lay their eggs. Take out everything that gathers water from your yard, such as flowerpots and toys. In order to prevent a bug build-up, check your gutters and look for leaky faucets. If you own a pool, make sure to clean it regularly and change water every week.

Get professional pest control for a stress-free family cookout today!

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